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One good thing about Android devices is the excess of customization options available, which includes the choice to change keyboards. There are numerous wonderful keyboard apps for Android you can.

You can easily search for them in Google Play. We also recommend some keyboard app like GO keyboard and SwiftKey.

But in this article, we'll be using the SwiftKey keyboard today to show you how to set a default keyboard on your Android phone. And the process is the same to set defaults keyboard on your Android no matter which keyboard app you are using

So download and install your preferred keyboard. And if you wish to use the SwiftKey, you can download it from Google Play.

Then head to Settings menu.

Then scroll down and tap Languages and input. The Languages and input should be below the Personal submenu.

Then tap on "Current keyboard" under "Keyboard & input methods."

Now tap on "Choose keyboards."

Then tap on the SwiftKey keyboard you want to set as default.

Then a dialog will pop up showing some information, tap on OK if you wish to continue.

Then ensure the switch next to the keyboard has changed from gray to green.

Then head back to the main language & input screen.

So tap on current keyboard again.

Now select the SwiftKey keyboard or the keyboard you would like to use. Doing this will save it automatically.

So ensure the keyboard is functioning by testing it. You can just write a quick note or message.

So enjoy using your new third-party keyboard on your Andriod phone! And in case for any cause you would like to revert back to the stock keyboard or just trying out another keyboard, all you need to do is to follow the same process

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