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Do you have Google Hangouts Accounts? Do you know that you can make free calls with Google hangouts on your android phone? Why pay for domestic calling when you can make Wi-Fi calls to Canada and the U.S. for free with Google Hangouts? All you need to use is the Hangouts Dialer and you'll be able to call any number via Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G (of course data rates apply

You can also make any international calls, but you will be charged with Google rates. Google's international rates are by far cheaper than many top telephone service providers' rates.

Fortunately, setting this up is very easy. So let’s get started
Note: In case you’ve the Hangout app on your Android phone, then skip to step 2. You can also skip step 2 if you know how to download app from Google Play store.

Step 1: Download Hangouts Dialer app in Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store from your main menu screen or the app drawer.

Then tap on the search bar at the top of your screen, type in “Hangouts Dialer” into the field and then tap on the search button at the bottom right of your screen or beside the search field.

Then select the exact Hangout Dialer app result.

Then tap on Install.

Tap on Accept.

You can click on this link to quickly download it from Google PlayStore.

Step 2: Make Free Wi-Fi calls using the Hangouts Dialer app

Once the Hangouts Dialer app is installed on your Android phone, you can continue to this step.

So open Hangouts Dialer app from your home screen, or from the Hangouts app.

Then tap on the keypad button at the bottom of the screen. 
Then enter the phone number you wish to call.

Then tap on the green call button at the bottom of your screen. So after making your call, you tap on the red hang up button to end the call.

Deleting call history in the Hangouts Dialer app

So you can do this if you wish to delete your call history

So open Google Hangouts app.

Then tap on the “Calls” button.

Now tap on “Clear recent” at the top right of your screen.

Then you’ll see a pop-up, just tap on Clear.

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