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Are you using Plex to manage your personal media server? Have you ever come across or run into some problems with streaming quality? If so, then there’s a simple and fast fix which will help you to get the best quality and the best watching experience.

With the use of Plex, your media files are saved on a server, Plex will the automatically transcode it and convert it to the format available to your device which depends on how you’re going to stream your content, not considering of your server speeds.

Using Plex’s Optimizer, you can organize your files early so that, no matter where you’re watching from, you’re getting the best quality possible.

So to do this, you’ll have to exclusively optimize each of the videos individually, so that in case there’s something you know you are going to watch, ensure to do this earlier.

So open Plex in your browser and navigate to the folder where the videos are stored, or simply use the search function to find it. Now if you mouse-hover over the poster image for that file, you’ll notice a three dots to access the menu. So click on that and select Optimize.

Then a dialog box will with different options and selections for how you can optimize the file. So you can optimize the file for watching it on your smartphone, your TV, and still keep the original quality, or select custom settings.

The Custom settings option will give you more specification on different platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, XBox One and more. You can just select the speed and frame rate as well.

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