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In case you're using a Chromebook that supports Android apps in the dev channel, then you won't be able to magically or automatically get Google Play with the update. But the good news here is that it's very easy to install and get everything running

So you'll need to have a Chromebook that's on the M53 developer channel and has Android app support integrated in which is recommended for beginners.

You'll also need to switch to dev channel in order to do this. So you can check out this guide on how to switch to the dev channel if you need some help. Once you've done that, then everything is set up and will done in Settings.

To do this, click on the bottom right corner of your screen (where the network and battery icons are). Then, you'll see things like your WiFi and Bluetooth information and the volume slider. Then click on the link to the settings page which is near the bottom of the small window.

Your Chromebook settings page should open. You'll see numerous settings you can change. But we're heading for the "Play store" section, so click on it. In the Play Store section, you’ll see a box that says "Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook." Go ahead and check the box.

Then a window will pop up. Then click the "Get started" button.
Then the next window, you'll see the terms of service, which nobody ever reads. 

Then agree to the terms. After agreeing to the terms, then the Play store app will open. Then everything is almost set up!

So the next step now is to install some apps in order to test the Play Store. Search for the apps you would love to have and install it has you would normally on Android phones. So just click on the app and click the “Install” button!

Furthermore, make sure you have this in your mind that not all apps are going to work the same way they do on your Android Phones. Actually that’s one the reason this feature is only available in dev channel.

Nevertheless, it still a great thing to have Android apps on your Chromebook without using Android emulators or Virtual box.

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