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Then Nintendo’s latest game “Pokémon Go” is one of the most successful game this year. Pokemon Go is a location base augmented reality game. The main purpose of the game is to catch different pokemons by going to different locations.

The basics of Pokémon Go inlcudes, catching Pokémon, battling at Gyms, using items, evolving your creatures and you're actually doing everything in the real world. That is instead of  you tapping or using a D-pad to command your virtual avatar where to go to find Pokémon, you're actually walking in the real world. 

Pokémon Go is currently available only in US, Australia, Canada, UK, Europe and New Zealand.

How to Download Pokémon Go on iPhone/iPad

Open the App Store on your iPhone.

Then tap on Top Charts at the bottom tab. Also, you can just tap on Search and enter “Pokémon Go”. 

Then tap on Free.

So tap on Get followed by Install.

So you will have to authorize with your Touch ID or enter your password.

The the app will be downloaded. So head back to the iPhone home screen.

Then tap on the Pokémon Go icon. Then tap on Allow and then Enter your Date of Birth.

So on the sign-up screen, tap on the Google icon.

Then you'll have to enter your Google username. So in case you don’t have a Google account, you can just tap on Create account and follow the instructions.

Then enter your Google password. And if you have enabled two-factor authentication on Google account, you will have to follow the procedure also.

That’s all! So from there, you can learn about Pokémon Go from Professor Willow, and choose your starter Pokémon.

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