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The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to converts the domain names you type in like “scholarsglobe.com” into a numerical IP addresses. 

So the issue here now is that your internet provider may not provide the fastest or most reliable DNS servers available to your device. However, you can easily configure your Wi-Fi connections in iOS device like iPhone to use better DNS servers. You can use the DNS provided by Google or OpenDNS. 

So here's how to do just that

Navigate to your Settings and tap on the “Wi-Fi” setting.

Then in the Wi-Fi screen, tap on the information button next to the network you want to configure.

You’ll see the default assigned IP addresses for the DNS servers listed in the “DNS” box in the information screen for the Wi-Fi network you selected. So tap on the box and use the keyboard to clear the existing info. 

You can write it down somewhere if you want to write it down for future use.

So enter the IP address for the primary and secondary DNS servers you want to use in the blank DNS box. You can separate the two IP addresses with a comma.

Some of the best DNS server include Google Public DNS ( and and OpenDNS ( and The new DNS servers you set up will stay in place even when your router or ISP refreshes the IP address lease.

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