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Gmail being one of the most popular email services has a lot of special features. One of the features is the ability to automatically send emails to other accounts easily.

The Gmail’s forwarding feature makes it extremely easy to automatically send emails on to other accounts with little effort. Using the Gmail’s filter feature and some few steps, you can automatically forward emails to multiple accounts also.

So here's how to do just that

So the first step here is to set up the email forwarding. Now navigate to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then click on the "Add a forwarding address" button. 

Then enter the forwarding email address. 

Doing this will send an email to each address you would want it to automatically send emails to with a single confirmation link that has to clicked. 

Note: So make sure you verified each forwarding email addresses. You will have to repeat this step for each email.

So once each of the emails have been verified, you can then create a filter for the messages you would like to send. Using the filter feature will automatically send emails with a particular subject line, from a specific sender, or even messages with  specific keywords.

Then under the Gmail’s Settings navigate to Filters and Blocked Addresses and click on the "Create new filter" button. 

Then fill in the info for the emails you want to send. After filling the required details, click on "Create filter with this search".

So the next step now is to select the emails you want to send the emails to. Ensure to check “Forward it” and from the dropdown menu choose the email addresses that have been verified.

However because of the way the Gmail works, you will have to re-do this step for each email you want to forward to.

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