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Enthusiasm gripped Windows user when the release date of Windows 10 was finally announced. Following its release, the popularity of the OS spread quickly like wildfire thanks to free upgrade offered by Microsoft.

On the launch date of Windows 10, Terry Myerson (Executive Vice President, Windows and Device group) was reported as saying;

“What we want to offer consumers is one store, one platform and one experience which goes beyond every form of device ranging from tiny screen to large screen”

Windows 10 was so hyped that it was believed it was going to offset the balance in the OS market. Even Myerson made it known on the release date that the plan is to have Windows 10 running on over a billion devices, two to three years after its launch.

It has been a rough journey so far for Window 10. Microsoft has been accused on several occasion my users for making use of predatory marketing strategies in promoting Windows 10. There have been pockets of lawsuits here and there.

With the free upgrade nearing its end and Windows 10 almost becoming a year old, one question needs to be answered here: Has Microsoft done what needs to be done in achieving its grand goals?

Windows 10 stats

As it stands now, Windows 10 has broken a lot of records when it comes to OS. It currently runs on more than 350 million devices, having a total of 19.14% market share for desktop. The OS has received a warm welcome from gamers. 42.94% of Steam users run on Windows 10.

Microsoft still has bigger plans for Windows 10. By 2nd of August when the OS will turn 1, it will have been incorporated with newer features such as enhanced security for Windows anti-virus software, a note-taking application and so much more.

The free update ended in July 29. 

Microsoft marketing tactics for Windows 10

There are several factors that have contributed to the success of Windows 10. Some believe it is the high quality of the OS while others believe it was the marketing tactics Microsoft made use of. Here are some of them

1. Free Windows 10 upgrade

Offering free upgrade to Windows 10 is probably the best thing Microsoft ever did for the OS. The free upgrade kind of slowed sales of PC as Microsoft saved users the trouble of having to buy a new PC to enjoy the goodness of Windows 10.

2. Recommending updates instead of making it an option

Myerson made it known on October 25 that the method of upgrading Windows 10 will change. Upgrade to Windows 10 will be considered as recommended instead of optional as it used to be. Unlike optional upgrades, recommended updates will be done automatically.

3. Secret updates

To get Windows 10 spreading as fast as planned, Microsoft has implemented several updates, one of which was Internet Explorer 11 (MS16-023). Even though the update of MS16-023 was supposed to be a security update, other non-security update comes along with it.

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