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After so many consultations and reviews, Google has finally made it official that its Android N, will be called Android Nougat. Android users have with one voice asked Google to name Android 7.0 after the nutty confectionary. Following this official press release from Google, Phone makers are setting timetables for their own release and from the look of things, Android N will soon be in the market. Funny enough, rumors have started popping up everywhere following the anticipated release of Nexus and HTC phone; Marlin and Sailfish. It is very likely the phones will be released into the market at the same time Android Nougat will be released into the market. Like in past times, LG, Samsung and the likes of others are already making preparation to update their software, and this will run into Christmas and New Year of 2017. 

At Google I/O 2016, Google made a lot of revelation concerning its plans for Android in subsequent years to come. Google has rolled out plans to find solutions to fragmentation problems, but they are still in their planning stage and so will take some time. 

Market survey has revealed that only 10% of all Android enabled phones run on Android Marshmallow, which is far from being satisfactory for a big brand like Android. This is even worse when compared with the iOS platform adoption rate.

Release date for Android Nougat

Several beta versions of Android N have been released. The trouble however is that no one really knows exactly when the gold standard version will be released. Google gave the tentative release date as Q3 which if true means that it will be launched in September or earlier. Its final development has been planned for July, and so there is no way the phone will be released in August. It is uncertain if the next Android version will be called Android 7. If Google is to maintain its trend of adding small increments as seen in Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, then it is very likely that Android N will still have the same numerical system as Marshmallow. Following a MultiWindow SDK 1.3.1 released by Samsung which read “this version has been released with Android N (7.0) compatibility” it has become evident that the next version of Android will be called Android 7.

Solid numbers are often used to reflect big changes to system upgrades. 

When will your phone get the update?

Below if the timeline for Android N upgrade for Nexus phones
Android N developer preview 1 (alpha): In the month of March
Android N developer preview 2 (beta): In the month of April
Android N developer preview 3 (beta): In the month of May
Android N developer preview 4 (with final APIs and SDK): In the month of June
Android N developer preview 5 (near-final build): In the month of July

It is for this reason Nexus is often regarded as the best Android phone. There is no such thing as bloatware on Nexus phones.

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