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At first sight, it may be hard to notice the never-before-seen styling, electrical and mechanical upgrades that has gone into 2017 A5, giving it a style of its own. We had to try out this car ourselves by taking it for a ride down the roads of Portugal. This afforded us the opportunity to get a feel of the interior and exterior of the car. Even though A5 has for years faced tough competition from other brands like Mercedes C-Class, there are so many features that make this car stand out from the rest. 

It’s C-pillar, and bulging hood is simply amazing. Though you can be tempted to think this as a mild-cycle update at first sight, there is a new scalable architecture known as MLB evo, a dual clutch gearbox, turbocharged engine with four cylinders that run on gasoline. This engine first made a debut in A6 and comes with 273 pound-feet worth of torque and 252 horsepower rating. It has been anticipated that many more A5s will come with six-speed manuals, but it is likely car enthusiasts will prefer the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as against the eight-speed conventional transmission released last year.

Audi left no stone unturned in improving the throttle response of the car, thus eliminating any form of transmission problems when converting torque. The gearbox of the car has an impressive design. When driving in sports mode, the transmission system comes fully alive, delivering rapid-fire shifts that will be expected of every modern gearbox. It is a pity we couldn’t lay our hands on the stick of the car.

The car we tried out had Audi’s European type of engine, which makes use of port and direct fuel injection system. This feature is absent in the American version. At full acceleration, the only sound this car will make is a faint growl. The A5 is one of the quietest cars you can ever think of. The quiet nature of the car captivated our interest that we had to leave it in comfort mode all through most of our driving. The car’s steering, suspension system and throttle response received a fair share of upgrades as well. In comfort mode, this becomes a luxurious piece of item. 

Just like all it other predecessors, Audi A5 2015 has a heavy front side, thus making it prone to understeering. This has always been a challenge with most Audi cars. This solution to this problem is torque vectoring which pulses the inner wheel brakes. 

The moment you run into trouble, the four-piston front calipers will instantly cut off the engines of the car. 


The interiors of A5 are simply unbeatable. With similar design as the A4, the interiors of A5 are intuitive and remarkable. What we really found amazing about this car is the virtual cockpit that can be configured, 12.3 inches LCD panel, Google satellite imaging, and sensors that detect when the car gets overloaded. All infotainment system of the car can be controlled by a rotary knob.

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