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In the world we live now, technology has made it possible for us to get things faster and cheaper. Any entrepreneur who is willing to think outside the box can save considerable amount of money. There are lots of tools which you can use to operate your business smoothly, saving you the trouble of always looking for business loans. Here are 5 tools your business needs if you really want to save money

1. Mobile payment systems

This is an efficient way of carrying our business transactions. This system is ideal for small shops as well as fast foods shops and restaurants. A typical example is GoPayment. Mobile payment systems do not only offer great flexibility to customers, it save business owners money they would have otherwise used in maintaining cash registers. Transacting business becomes easy and cost effective when you make use of mobile payment system.

2. Cloud-based groupware

If you want to save the money you would have otherwise spent on exchange server, then cloud-based groupware will be a viable solution. Or maybe you want to move your business beyond depending on Gmail or Google drive. On Zoho, you will find lots of tools which you can use in expanding your business beyond your imagination. Cloud-based groupware technologies are very efficient and cost effective. 

3. Website builders

It is okay to have professional website designers, build your company’s website. But if you want to save money, you are better off relying on website builders than having professionals build your site. The most important factors to consider when building your site are cost, ranking and efficiency. With this in mind, it becomes a necessity to carefully choose who will build your site.

4. Crowd sourcing

Though this might look like child’s play or just a simple joke to the untrained eyes, the truth is that several individuals and companies who are serious about cutting down cost for their projects have turned to crowd sourcing. Otherwise known as Crowd Funding, crowd sourcing has helped business in lifting off ground when they are in short of finance. Typical examples of crowd funding sites are Kickstarter and Fundable. So if you are searching for the best funding resource for your business, then it is about time you tried crowd funding instead of relying on the hackneyed method of seeking for loans.

5. Open Source and Linux

Over the last few years, Open source and Linux has been able to strengthen the interaction between a customer and computer hardware. They have shown that it is more efficient to transact business via user interface, than relying solely on start button or task bar symbol. Open source and Linux have provided the needed platforms that have enabled businesses work with digital tools like human and customer management. Due to its ability of helping businesses save considerable amount of money, many business owners are turning to them.

The bottom line is that there are several more tools out there that can help your business save money.

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