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Decades ago when blogs came to be, they were some online journals and portfolio samples. Fast-forward to today; the blogosphere has evolved, and blogging now plays a significant role in everyday life. Many bloggers make income working from home and create online businesses, which as a result, bring profits.

Talking of companies, a significant fraction of them don’t blog. The belief of many of them is that all they need is some static website. Years back, static websites worked, but today, businesses need more than that. There are potential gains and massive benefits that blogging brings to the bottom line. We shall look at five of these compelling advantages in this article. So, why should your business have a blog?

1. Traffic and Exposure

A website content isn’t just enough to rank a site high on search engines such as Google on different types of search keywords. If your business sell products or services - offline or online, blogging is a major way of attracting prospects to them. On your blog, you can consistently create new posts which allow search bots to index your website for different phrases and keywords, thereby creating more stream of traffic to your business and giving it more exposure.

2. It Creates a Community

Blogs are means of communicating with your customers – a two-way channel of communication. You can directly engage your customers and get feedback easily. A website can't offer you this. Interacting with customers means you get to know their needs and understand them better which in the long run helps you serve them better.

3. It Positions Your Business as Industry Experts

It is natural for people to go to authoritative sources when they need to know about a subject. And more importantly, they go to a source they trust. Your blog can make your company such an authoritative and trustworthy source. With regular, relevant content on your blog, you get a chance of teaching and informing your readers. You provide value, and that’s what people want. Naturally, in the future, they will gravitate to your blog when they need information about your niche.

4. It Boosts and Strengthens Your Brand

A blog makes brand building and the creation of loyalty amongst your customer less complicated and quicker. When you create a new post with your customer’s need in mind, you create an emotional entanglement which forms a bond between them and your brand. Moreover, with blogs, you can easily portray the values your business supports and embodies just like Richard Branson does with his Virgin blog.

5. It is Important to your Digital Marketing Success

A lot of parts make digital marketing successful. Paid advertisements, search engine ranking, etc. forms a typical strategy. However, notwithstanding how many the components might be, a blog serves them all by adding fuel to their fire. Your business easily gets ranked on search engines, and more frequently. 
In addition to this, a blog offers opportunities for you to place ads anywhere and anyhow you want your audience to see it. 

There are more than five reasons why your business should have a blog. However, these five are some of the attractive benefits and possibilities your company stands to enjoy if you’ve decided to create one.

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