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Recruiting managers are always bewildered with countless number of resumes for every job opening. They will always try to find ways of cutting the number of applicant even before they get to interview stage. 

So if you don’t want your resume to end at the trash bin, below are 10 tips you need to observe to make your resume shine

1. Place industry key words in your resume

Phrases like “managed”, “team player”, “developed” and “accomplished” capture the interest of recruiters a lot. However, you have to make this appear natural because you won’t still ace an interview if you were able to filter through the system for using keywords heavily. 

2. Your resume should be tailor made for the job

Tune your resume in such a way that it fits well into the job description as doing so will prove to the recruiter that you are fit for the job. The easiest way of doing this, is to mention all your skills and experience 

3. Your resume must be presented in a professional format

The content of your resume must be professionally formatted to captivate the reader

4. Proofread your resume for typos

The slightest error on your resume is a clear sign of laziness and laxity. Ensure your resume is perfectly polished before sending it out

5. Headers should be used to enhance clarity

The header used must contain key words that prove you are the right man for the job. It is not enough to use “Objective” as a header. A header should serve as a brand statement 

6. Give your Resume a professional touch

It is a grave error to put negative information about yourself or previous employer. Stating your hobbies or political affiliation, is unprofessional. Get straight to business.

7. Show metrics

Talk is cheap. The only way of convincing your prospective employer you will boost productivity or cut cost, is to show where you have done it in time past. Results count a lot when it comes to recruitment.

Your resume shouldn’t be like the bunch of others that only provide job descriptions, rather than achievements. Your recruiter wants to know the difference you made in your previous place of work.

8. Your resume should be able to tell a story

Don’t just gorge up your experience, skills and knowledge, build a story around them. You should give your recruiter a clue of where you want to be in the next ten years. However, keep it ultra-short.

9. Avoid using fanciful colors and fonts

There is nothing wrong with using colors to make your resume stand out from the sea of other resumes. However, don’t go too far with colors and fonts.

10. If need warrants, it can exceed one page

Set aside sufficient amount of space to discuss your experience. If you have vast years of experience, it is of no use trying to squeeze everything in one page. But don’t make it too long.

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