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Email Service is one of the most popular communication ways business firms and companies contacts with partners and so on. In 100 percent of people who have email accounts, 90 percent are an active users i.e. they check their emails on daily basis while 10 percent are dormant or unstable users i.e. they only check their emails once in 4 - 5 months. 

So with more than 90 percent of consumers checking their email on a daily basis, businesses are quickly realizing this is one of the best ways to reach their target audience. 

One of the ways to advertise to people through email marketing is using the Newsletter services and many more.

Whether you are using it's to spread company news, promote a sale or highlight new products and services, companies, business firms and entrepreneurs are finding great value in their email marketing efforts.

So below are the 10 was to Improve your Email Marketing

Measuring your email activity

One of the greatest uses of email marketing is just how easily it can be measured or monitored. Making the use of tools that show who read what and where and who didn't as a means to best determine when to build on successful efforts or fix lagging results.

Use video in emails

Adding videos to emails increases return on investment and monthly revenue by 40 percent. Click-through rates also increase by as much as 3 times when marketers add a video in an email.

Go mobile

Mobile devices give marketers a means to reach customers wherever and whenever they want. But this makes creating a strong campaign more vital than ever, since the email will often be judged with just one glimpse.

Increase open rates

In order to make an impact, emails need to stand out and be unique. Review open rates in order to see which emails are getting the most interest from your consumers. Ensure each email is serving the customer.

Be recognizable with a unique style

Use a uniform look, format and subject line to make it easy for them to recognize your emails, since you may have only a second or two to grab your customer's inbox attention,


Ensure to make your call to action loud and clear so consumers have a reason to click on your links, since click-through rates gauge your success. You'll also need to measure and monitor links clicked to guide future content.

RSS feeds 

Businesses with consistent RSS updates, syndicated live Web feeds, can more effectively connect with their audiences and attract new followers. Sharing RSS content lets organizations to multiply their number of readers, which helps draw in more customers in the long run.

Use templates

The easiest and most reliable way to send emails with a branded look and optimize reader response is to make use of email templates.

Add social

Emails that has social-sharing buttons have a click-through rate 158 percent higher than emails that don't. Including social media to an email strategy can yield large campaign results.

Bottom line

Ensure email campaigns align with your overall business goals so you can best guide content and strategies when creating email campaigns .

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