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One of the best features of Android is the ease of navigation of your files. Unlike iPhone and iPads, most Android devices have inbuilt apps or third-party apps which you can use to manage your files. There are lots of apps you can use to manage your android file system. Most of these apps are pretty simple to use. So let’s have a look at some of the apps you can download and use at optimal result.

X-plore File Manager

Even with an old fashioned look, this app can do really awesome stuffs. With more than 100,000 reviews, this is definitely an app to download. It comes with lots of button that allows you control the flow of your while splitting your screen in two. You can get it here on Google Play.

AndroXplorer File Manager

This is a highly functional app with a style of its own. Once you launch your app, you will be presented with lots of folders which allow you access your recycle bin, SD card, apps and servers. The app also comes with features like shortcuts, multiple view, thumbnails and favorite folders. This app is simply a blend of functionality and simplicity. Get it here on Google Play.

FX File Explorer 

When it comes to design, AndroExplorer and X-plore is no match for FX file explorer, even though they have more functionality. Other than allowing you access your root folder, you can access your files stored in cloud storage services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google Drive, though you will have to pay some fee. If you want an app that offers you incredible simplicity and ease of navigation, FX explorer is your best bet. Why don’t you download it now on Google Play?

OI file Manager

Of all the apps discussed here, OI file manager is the only one that is an open source. Good enough, it is absolutely ad free. It comes with all functionality of other file management apps such as renaming of files and folders, copying and pasting, and deleting files. It also works well with Gmail, allowing upload and download attachments. It has more than 50,000 reviews. Get it here on Google Play.

ASTRO file manager

This app allows you organize your visual and audio files in a more efficient way than other apps. Its unique interface allows you navigate between external and internal memory and also allows you manage your downloads, ringtones and podcasts.

You can also use the app to synchronize between your apps stored in DropBox and Google Drive. Get it here on Google Play.

Total Commander

It is very likely that you have seen total commander somewhere. Ever since 1993, Microsoft has used it on Windows to allow users navigate through their files. It has lots of functional tool that allows you navigate through your files. It also allows you open ZIP files, transfer files using Bluetooth, supports WebDAV and LAN access. Get it here on Google Play.

ES File 

With over 1.5 million reviews and 300 million downloads, ES file is definitely the winner. But with years of design change, many users are beginning to lose interest in it. But it is still a great tool you can try out for yourself. You can get it here on Google Play.

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