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Recently, Microsoft corporation has developed a powerful tool that will enable Windows users (Windows 10 most especially) to eliminate bloatware and other software that are of no use. Refresh Windows 10 Tool otherwise known as Start Fresh tool has been speculated to be installed in the next batch of Windows 10 OS. For now, users can access this tool through preview build, which is a component of Window’s 10 insider program. This is a very effective tool that allows Windows users keep their personal data and files right inside the computer even when it is been cleaned. This is somewhat similar to actual loading up of Windows in other version of Windows OS. This tool is designed in such a way that it prevents malware from affecting a system, while also allowing users get a feel of Vanilla Windows 10 experience.

Bloatware isn’t a thing that any one will like to have because not only does it compromise the performance of your PC, it also opens your stored data to risk. Microsoft is very much aware that bloatware is having a negative impact on Windows users. This is why Microsoft has decided to beef up its efforts in fighting bloatware, by releasing Windows 10 refresh tool. Windows 10 refresh tool has a pretty much simple method of operation. It goes online, downloads a new copy of Windows 10, and then installs it in a user’s computer. By doing so, every program installed by a user or an OEM will be eliminated. The good thing about Windows 10 refresh tool, is that it gives users the option of keeping their files such as music or eliminating them as well.

Computer Manufacturers have gone ahead to include this anti-bloatware tool into their ads alongside offering support to users, providing extended warranty periods for software that are irrelevant etc. To get rid of unwanted programs or to completely restore their computer, users will have to scrub their computer till it gets all cleaned up.

Of course, hardware manufacturers and OEM will definitely not welcome this innovation because it will adversely affect their revenues, as the tool designed by Microsoft will allow users clean up their system with just a click of the button. It is not only hardware manufacturers that will be affected by this, software designers who charge users large amount of money for just system clean-up, will also be affected because this software will replace their services.

Microsoft has gone all the way to ensure that this software will function properly through different boot media thus reducing the process an end user will have to go through in getting their computer running at optimal level. One explanation for this is the fact that Microsoft Corporation has made it clear that Windows 10 will be the last Window for PCs built right from the scratch. Updates and upgrades that will come up later will follow be incremental. This assertion has helped shed more light on Microsoft long term plans for Windows 7.

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