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Apple’s iPhone 7 has been anticipated to be released by September, but rumors are already pilling high. To keep you upbeat about things so far, we have compiled some rumors that have been making rounds about iPhone 7.

Rumor: latest design

It has been reported that a picture of the phone was taken in China. The picture shows the phone having two ports for SIM cards and a dual camera. A headphone jack can also be seen from the picture. The phone also rumored to have 256 GB internal storage space.

Rumor: color

In time past, iPhones have come in just one single color until last year when apple added a touch of gold with a hue of pick to some of its phones. Macotara, a Japanese based blog has it that Apple will take up navy blue color instead of the conventional gray color.

Rumor: A flat home button

A blurry picture that is suspected to be fake was put up on mopicker. The picture features an iPhone with flat Home button. It looked more of a touch sensitive button instead of a round button that can be clicked on. If true, then iPhone 7 will very likely have 3D touch capability.

Rumor: Storage size

It’s been speculated that apple will finally let go of its traditional 16GB storage space. This was gathered from HIS technology analyst. It was then reported that iPhone 7 will come with 32GB storage space with 2GB for RAM.

Rumor: Change in phone chassis

It was alleged that the picture of iPhone 7 was published on Forbes. The picture which was first published on NowhereElse.fr, a French based blog showed the phone featuring double speakers each located at the top and bottom of the phone. This design is very similar to that of iPad Pro. The photo is a testimony that iPhone 7 will not come with a headphone Jack. 

The camera on this chassis is located at the bottom of the camera rather than beside it.  Another iPhone 7’s picture that was leaked on 9to5Mac shows that the flash will maintain the same position as in iPhone 6. Obviously, these rumors are conflicting. However, the common thing about the two pictures is the change in antenna line design. Instead of taking its original horizontal layout, it will move from the top to the bottom of the phone.

Rumor: Smart connector

Several rendered pictures of the anticipated iPhone 7 have crowded the internet. Some the alleged leaked shows the phone having a smart connector which suggest that there is a possibility of a smart keyboard. However, rumors of the phone having second speaker has been refuted by gossip blogs like Mac Otakara.

Rumor: No headphone jack

It was reported by 9to5Mac that the new iPhone 7 not come with 3.5 mm audio jack, which if true means that apple will be using Bluetooth connectivity for its headphones.

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