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Having two to three windows all at once on your computer screen makes things easier for you. Probably you are verifying some documents from two files. Opening and minimizing them is very annoying and slow.

Windows users have been able to use two or more windows in split screen mode for years, but that feature is not added to Mac pcs for years. This makes it very annoying when trying to use multiple windows simultaeneously and we have to open and minimize the window when doing so.

However, the feature has now been added to the Mac with OS X El Capitan. The OS X El Capitan update adds support for this screen-tidying feature for up to two windows per display simultaneously. 

So you can now easy surf recipes online in Safari with a to-do list open in Notes to make a grocery list.

So here's how to do so

So click and hold down the green button at the upper left corner of an app that displays two triangles pointing in opposite directions. So in case the green dot shows a + sign, then that app or window does not support split screen view.

Now while holding down the button, you should drag the window to the left or right side of the screen you want to place it on. Then the screen will be divided into two and the half of the screen you placed the windows on will be tinted blue.

Then click on the second window you want to fill the rest of your screen to.

Now to resize the windows, click and drag the dark bar between the two windows to the left or right.

So to remove a window on the split screen view, just click on the green dot again.

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