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The iOS 10 has been praised to be the biggest update ever, and it is shipped with numerous great features. One of the features is an iPad-specific features which has been added to improve the user-experience.

The latest iOS 10 lets you to view two windows side-by-side with a feature called Safari Split-View. It is very similar to the Split-View between two apps on your Mac but this feature is meant only for safari windows. And it's one of the multi-tasking methods.

So here's how to use and enable it.

Note: Make sure your iPad is running on iOS 10. This is meant only for Safari browser windows.

The first thing to do is to put your iPad in landscape mode.

Then open the Safari browser. So there are four methods you can use to invoke safari split-view mode:

i. You can tap and hold down on a link and then select Open in Split View.
ii. You can simply drag a tab to the left or right side of the screen.
iii. Just tap and hold down on the tab button and then select Open Split View.
iv. You can easily use the Command+N keyboard shortcut to invoke it.

Moving Tabs between Windows

You can easily drag a tab from one side to the other in order to move tabs between windows. And don’t worry; the tabs will keep its place in history letting you use forward and backward.

Opening Adjacent Browser Window

Also, in case you would like to open links to the adjacent browser window, you’ll have to tap and hold down on a link and then choose Open on Other Side Option.

Merging All Safari Tabs

You can also merge safari tabs, in case you would like to merge all Safari tabs across windows quickly. All you have to do is to long press on any tab button. Then tap on Merge All Tabs.

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