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Since the release of Amazon Echo there are a lot of creative and practical uses for discovered by the users to make things easier for them. It also a great feature to Google Calendar when it comes to keeping up with your calendar using Amazon Echo.

Almost certainly, this is one of the most popular alternatives for keeping a calendar. Amazon Echo makes it possible for you to check your schedule, and also add events.

So with this, you can easily add events, create a schedule, manage your schedule and events easily on Google Calendar 

So here’s how to

Step 1: Connecting your Google Calendar

So the first step here is to connect your Google Calendar account to your Amazon Echo.

Login to your Amazon Echo account; you can do that via the mobile app, or by using the web browser to log in to your Amazon Echo account. Then navigate to Settings > Calendar > Link to Google Calendar.

So login to your Google account and ensure you log in to the Google account that has the calendar you want to link to Alexa. Then you’ll be asked by Google to grant Amazon access to your Google Calendar. So click on the Allow button.

After that, head back to your Amazon Echo account. So in case you have numerous calendars in your Google account, you can select which of them you would like to be able to use via the Amazon Echo.

The reason for doing this is because there is no voice command you can use to select which calendar you want to add event, except you select the calendar to use from the dropdown menu. Using one calendar with the Amazon Echo is better.

Step 2: Using the Amazon Echo to add events and so on

You can now use the following voice commands to add events to your calendar since you’ve connected your Amazon Echo with the Google Calendar:

Alexa, add [shopping with Tylor] to my calendar on [Friday] at [4pm]

Alexa, add an event to my calendar. 

The above command will make Alexa prompt you to give the information about place, date, time, and event name, one after the other. 

So make sure you don’t make any mistake because if you do, you’ll have to start again.

So you can also check what is on your schedule, or for a specific day or time. Voice commands you can use to initiate this include:

Alexa, what is on my calendar? (This will make Alex respond with the first four upcoming events, and also ask you in case you would like to hear more.)

Alexa, what’s on my calendar [tomorrow at 6 pm]?

Alexa, what’s on my calendar on [Friday]?

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