How to Uninstall the Nest Thermostat from Your Wall


Do you have a Nest Thermostat? Are you replacing your Nest Thermostat or moving to a new place? If you are moving to a new place and want to take it with then you’ll have to reset and uninstall it from the wall.

You may be wondering that since you are only removing it from the wall to a new place, you don’t need to factory reset it. Actually factory resetting your Nest Thermostat when uninstalling it from the wall is an option not a must, but it is good to factory reset it if you are moving to a new place.

The truth is if you are moving it to a new house, you’ll still have to factory reset it, because the Wi-Fi network will not be the same, and more significantly, the heating and cooling systems at the new house may not be the same from what your Nest Thermostat had set up initially.

So if you wish to factory reset it and you don’t know how, you can check out this guide on how to do so. And if you don’t want to reset it, you can proceed to the process of removing it from the wall.

So here’s how to do so

The first thing to do is to take off the main unit of the Nest Thermostat and detach it from the wall plate. The Nest will still powered on because of the internal battery intended for power outages, don’t worry about that, you can just let it run out and recharge it when installing the thermostat in the future.

So turn off the heating and cooling at the breaker box. At times, the furnace and the air conditioner might be on two separate breakers, so you’ll have to switch off both. So make sure you do this extra carefully because if you don’t turn them off the heating and cooling properly can blow a fuse, which of course will need an electrician to fix it.

So you will also need to turn off the third breaker for the wire that supplies the thermostat power. The breaker box diagram may indicate the breaker your thermostat is connected to, but if not, turning off the breaker for the living room will turn it off if your thermostat is situated in your living room.

Moreover, your furnace’s main shutoff could be next to the furnace itself, rather than on the breaker box.

Then go back to your thermostat. So make sure you are using a voltage tester to confirm that there is no more power running through the power wire. In case there is, you’ll have to go back to the breaker box and turn off some breaker again.

After making sure everything is turned off, you can remove the small wires from the Nest’s wall plate by pressing down on the clips at the end and pulling out the wires. It’s a good idea to mark these wires for each one. The color of the wire will properly match up to the letter of the terminal that it’s connected to (e.g. yellow wire connected to “Y”, white wire connected to “W”, and so on), but at time that isn’t the case, and you might have something like a blue wire connected to “Y”, so ensure you note this when separating the wires.

So use a screwdriver to unscrew the two screws holding the wall plate in place. 

Then finally you can then remove the wall plate from the wall and move them to your new place or give it out.

It is a good idea to do some painting, sanding on the spot you initially installed it on in order to cover up where the thermostat was and it depends o how big your thermostat is. The purpose for this is to make the wall presentable.