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Do you have an Amazon Echo? Do you know that with the Amazon Echo, you can quickly and easily ask Alexa to know when what you ordered will arrive on your doorstep?

Actually, the Amazon Echo didn’t have this feature initially; however, the company just recently added this feature to Amazon Echo, which allows you to track your ordered stuff without stressing yourself.

It is very easy to initiate this feature. So there are few commands you can say to initiate this which are:

“Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
“Alexa, where’s my package?”
“Alexa, when will my package arrive?”

Basically, any combination you make use of which contains your Amazon package will yield in Alexa providing you the information you want to know. Alexa will continue to present you the date the order was made, and when it’s expected to arrive.

But, it only provides you the information of one package. In case you have multiple orders you’re tracking, then you’ll to wait for the first package to arrive before it can track the second package. 

There are no voice commands to initiate it and I’ve tried numerous voice commands even using the plural form too, Alexa can only give you the details of the package that will arrive first.

But, you can navigate to Alexa app on the main page where it shows your recent voice command and tap on “View order details”.

Then it will open in either the Amazon app if you have it installed, or open in your phone’s web browser to the Amazon website, whereby you’ll be able to see your order, know when all your stuffs are arriving.

The only drawback here is that, this Alexa skill works only for packages sent from Amazon. In case your delivery is coming from a place other than Amazon, then the Amazon Echo won’t be capable to provide you the tracking details. This is so because it links to your Amazon account, can quickly fetch your orders and tracking info. So if you don’t have an Amazon account that is related to where your package is coming from, then you are out of luck.

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