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Have you ever be in a state whereby you are watching a TV show and you want to take a screenshot or record a video of a particular scene? Did you know that you can take screenshots and record videos on your Apple TV? Or whether you want to take a screenshot of some Apple TV screen for tutorial purpose, the fourth-generation Apple TV has made it possible. You can take both screenshots and video recordings using the set top box, a USB-C to USB cable, and your computer.

The screenshot and video recording has not been added to the Apple TV officially. But it is the Apple TV generation can be tweaked to take both screenshot and video recordings. This process requires some workarounds and geeky mind.

Luckily for you, we've explained the process to be more easier for you to carry out. So here's how to do so

Note: Sorry, you won't be able to use these workarounds or tweaks on any copyrighted or DRM-laden content; so if you try to do so, then you'll just see a blank screen.



How to take a screenshot on the Apple TV

The first thing to do is to install the Xcode app from the Mac App Store on your Mac. You can download it from here directly. In case you have already, there is no need to download it.

Now connect your Apple TV to your Mac through the USB-C to USB cable.

After you’ve downloaded and installed Xcode which is a 4GB download, and takes up to 9.5GB on disk. Then launch Xcode and head to the Window menu.

Then open the Devices window.

So select your Apple TV from the available device.

Then click on the Take Screenshot button.

That's all

How to take a video on the Apple TV

So connect your Apple TV to your Mac through the USB-C to USB cable.

Then launch QuickTime Player.

Then navigate to File > New Movie Recording.

So click on the down arrow next to the Record button.

Then select Apple TV below the Camera and Microphone.

Then click on Record.

You can also use the QuickTime Player to take a screenshot. You can do that by using the native Mac screenshot keyboard combination which is Command + Option + 4, then press the spacebar, hover your cursor over the window, and click your mouse or trackpad.

Like I said earlier you cannot, record any DRM-protected content; if you try, you’ll get a message like this:

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