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Are you fond of streaming music on Android device with music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and so on? Do you know that Spotify is one of the best ways to stream music on Android? It is one of the best because it offers a wonderful free plan and a mighty one for just $10 per month.

So in case you’ve gone for the Premium plan, of course you know that you can store your music offline, thereby saving data and battery in the process.

But at times, Spotify might be having some issues when making use of an SD card as extra storage. Well it may or may not give an error associated to “no storage area found.” 

So in case you are facing this issue, then here are some steps you should take into consideration.

Clearing Spotify's Cache

Generally, clearing cache of most internet services usually fix some issues. 

So you can c
lear Spotify’s cache by navigating to Settings > Apps, then look for Spotify and tap on it, and then tap on Clear Cache.

Uninstalling Spotify's app

The second step is to uninstall Spotify app. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Apps > Spotify , and then tap on "Uninstall" button at the app’s info screen.

Unmounting the SD Card

The next step now is to unmount the SD card. You can unmount the SD card by navigating to Settings > Storage and selecting Unmount SD card. Then you can re-mount it. You can re-mount it either by heading to Settings > Storage and selecting Mount SD carf, or physically removing and re-inserting the SD card.

Re-installing the Spotify's app

Then the last step here is to re-install Spotify, set it up and continue streaming your best music.

I hope this solves your problem i.e. if you are facing one. So if there are any problems and any question you would like to ask about this, you ask in the comment below. And if you found any other solution to this, you can also share below.

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