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Windows 10 comes with some security features you can use to secure your PC. Some of the security includes using your photo to unlock your PC and as well as using fingerprints. In my own view, Windows 10 is the most secured version of Windows.

So in case you want to add an extra layer of security to your PC, you can simply use the feature that lets you use your fingerprints to unlock your PC with the built-in fingerprint reader. Your fingerprints are distinct to you, thereby making them a secure way for you to log on to your computer. 

This method is also easier than cramming a password. In case your laptop has a built-in fingerprint reader or you have a fingerprint reader device connected to your PC, then you can set up and enable this feature in Windows Hello.

So here's how to set up and enable Windows Hello fingerprint logins:

The first thing to do is to navigate to Settings > Accounts.

Then below the Windows Hello heading and click on the "Set Up" button in the Fingerprint section.

So in case you haven't set up a PIN on your PC, then you'll have to create one to set up the fingerprint reader.

Then click on Get Started.

Now type in the PIN you would like to use.

So connect your fingerprint reader to your PC in case you don't have a built-in fingerprints reader hardware. Then scan your fingers on the fingerprint reader. 

Make sure you do this two or three times so as to let the scanner get a good picture of your fingerprints.

You can click "Add Another" in case you want to repeat the process with another finger.

That's all, you've successfully set up and enable the windows hello fingerprint login. So from now on, whenever you turn on or restart your PC, you'll be using your fingers to unlock your PC.

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