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There are times when you need to reset your PlayStation 4 to its factory settings. Probably you’ve done some bad Jailbreak or settings on it or you plan on selling your PlayStation 4 or you just want to reset it to it fresh factory settings.

Resetting your PlayStation 4 to its factory settings is very easy carry out. You will need to reset your PlayStation by deactivating your PSN account and then format it to its factory settings. Be informed that doing this will wipe away all your PlayStation data.

So here’s how to reset it, 

Before reset, there are things to do first. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to deactivate your PSN account from the console. So you can use new or existing PSN account to login, and afterward you’ll have to totally wipe off the hard drive, doing this will then revert the PS4 back into its factory settings i.e. a state just like it was when you first boot it.

Step 1: Deactivating Your PSN Account

The act of deactivating your PSN account from your PS4 won’t totally delete your PSN account; it’ll just disconnect your account with that specific PS4. 

So press the “Up” button on the controller from the main menu.

Now press the “Right” button on your controller until you get to “Settings” and then select it.

So scroll down and select “PlayStation Network/Account Management”.

Now click on “Activate as Your Primary PS4”.

So on the next screen, if the “Deactivate” is grayed out, then it precisely means that your account is already deactivated; nevertheless, you have to make sure it is deactivated before you can conclude it is. So, you can activate it and then deactivate it again. And if you plan on selling your PS4 make sure it is deactivated because there have been several stories whereby the sellers think they have deactivated their account already, whereas they didn’t. 

Therefore, the new owner won’t be able to log in because the seller’s account is still logged in unless he/she deactivated it. That can be done only by the seller because, the seller will have to provide is PSN account information. So always ensure it is grayed out by clicking on “Activate”.

Then click “OK” when it’s finished.

Now click on “Activate as Your Primary PS4” again.

Then click on “Deactivate”.

So click on “Yes” to confirm what you are about to do. 

And then click on “OK”

Doing this, will restart the PS4, so press the PS button on the controller to navigate back to the main menu.

Next, choose your user account. So you’ll be taken back to the main menu

Step 2: Resetting your PS4

So after you must have followed the above steps and make sure your PSN account has been disassociated or deactivated from your PlayStation 4, then you can proceed. So you can totally erase the PS4 console, and doing this will erase everything on it and take it back to its default settings.

Press the “Up” button on the controller from the main menu which will take you to the latest notifications.

So press the “Right” button on your controller until you reach “Settings” and then click it.

Then scroll down and click on “Initialization”.

Now click on the “Initialize PS4” option.

So here, you’ll be presented with two options which are “Quick” or “Full”. Now a Quick initialization quickly wipes all of the data without securing it and the data can be recovered with some specialized data recovery software. 

While a Full initialization totally wipes off the data securely, thus preventing the wiped data to be recovered with any software. But this process usually takes several hours to complete.

You can choose the “Quick Initialization” if you still want to recover some data or you just want to save your time. Then you can choose the “Full Initialization” if you want to completely wipe off your data.

After you’ve chosen desire option, then select “Initialize” button to verify the action you are about to take.

Then click “Yes” on the next screen when prompted to verify again.

So, your PS4 will restart and the factory data reset process will begin. This will take some couple of hour’s minimum, even it’s says there is less time remaining.

Once the process is completed, the setup guide will appear on the screen, and then you’ll be prompted to connect your PS4 controller to the console with a USB cable.

That’s all. Then from this place, you can start using your PS4 in a fresh and new state or you can pack it up for selling if you plan on selling it.

(Credits to Craig Lloyd)

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