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Facebook just recently add the “Facebook Live” feature to it's social media services, a live video streaming feature that lest Facebook users to broadcast events live or in real time to their friends and followers. By default, it sends notifications to all of your friends whenever they start a live streaming session. This means you will end up with a lot of unwanted notifications.

This is unlike a photo or a shared post–whereby you would only be notified if your friend tagged you in some way or the other. But with the live streaming feature, you’ll always get a notification for any Facebook Live events your friends create, even if you he/she didn't tagged you. 

Generally this feature makes some senses for example when the event is live, notifying people when the event is happening will ensure they see it live. In another aspect, however, it’s pretty bothering. 

Luckily, you can always disable with some little steps

The fix for this is very easy to carry out in case you know where exactly the setting is. 

Log in to your Facebook account, then click on the menu arrow at the upper right corner of the top navigation bar and select “Settings”.

Then click on Notifications tab at the left side.

So within the “Notifications” menu, click on the “Edit” link beside the “On Facebook” at the top of the list.

Then scroll down in the notifications menu until you see “Live Videos” near the bottom. Then click on the drop down box beside “Live Videos” and change the default “On” to “All Off”.

Once you've done that, you won't receive any notifications about live streaming your friends created. 

That’s all.

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