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“Ok Google” is a very wonderful tool that assists many of us in some areas, but did you know that with this, Google is storing all your voice searches? If NO, then Yes they are. Since they are storing all your searches, therefore you can go into your search history, listen to them, and delete them

A large number of people use Google and its services for a wide array of things which is not covered, and by that, Google gathers little amount of information about us.

Be it is a straightforward search or storing a comprehensive history of everywhere we go. In case you don’t know it’s happening, then it won’t take long for Google to gather a huge quantity of information about you.

With the “Ok Google” service, the company really keeps every specific time we use it. Therefore it means each time you ask it something, it records your voice and uploads it, then saves it until you turn it off and deletes it.

How to Delete Your Audio Search History

So to do this, navigate to Google’s “Voice & Audio Activity” on your Google Account whereby there is a history of every audio search you’ve conducted. You can easily scroll through each one, press “Play” to hear it and even see the transcript.

Assuming you would like to delete a few of these search history, you can click on the check box next to each one, and then a “Delete” selection will show up at the upper-right corner.

In the other hand, in case you would like to delete a period such as today, yesterday, the past 4 weeks, or everything, you can then click on the three dots at the top row of icons and click on “Delete options” from the dropdown menu.

In case you want to delete everything, you’ll need to click on “Advanced”, and then you can select “All time” from the available options.

This will pop up a warning window that deleting voice and audio activity may “reduce the accuracy of speech recognition”. Ignore it if you are willing to do this.

Let’s assume you want to in fact disable this and other service from recording your history, how would you do it? Very easy, just click on the three dots and then select “Settings”.

So you can now see that you can turn off (Pause) voice search. Then you’ll be taken to a screen that displays a warning telling you that taking this action will “limit or disable features” but won’t delete your old history.

So in case you don’t want to lose the handiness of Ok Google, then you shouldn’t disable it, however, in case you don’t want it to store a long history of your voice searches, and then you’ll have to delete the history once in a while.

With the above information, we think its important you are well aware of the information Google is gathering about you with each of its services. The fact here is that you may not really comprehend presently how much information it has gathered about you until you discovered it yourself.

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