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Spotlight, Finder, and the Dock, are one of the fastest way you can use to find anything on your system in the blink of an eye. So using file shortcuts With that, shortcuts are no more used often like before.

Let's assume you want to access frequently used folders, files or apps directly from your desktop on your Mac, then shortcuts also known alias would be very useful.

On a Windows PC, creating a desktop shortcut is a very good thing when accessing some frequently used folders, files and apps 

Luckily, Macs have similar features with that of Windows, except that creating a shortcut in OS X needs a bit different process and shortcuts are actually called aliases in OS X, which can be very confusing for some Windows converts.

Here's how to do just that:

So right-click on any file, folder or app.

Then select Make Alias. 

The shortcut will be created and have the same file name with the word “alias” added to the end.

Then you can drag and move the shortcut anywhere you want.

You can also rename and remove the “alias” part if you feel like. Click on it to test it and it will definitely work.

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