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Do you have an Android Wear watch? Are you having difficulty in taking screenshots on it? A lot of Android wear users says this often that taking a screenshot on Android Wears could be a real hassle, but that is no longer the case. 

You can now take screenshots of your Android wear with your Android phone, all you need is the Android Wear app your phone. It is extremely easy to carry out this process. So we are going to show you how to do just that easily.

Note: Make sure your Android wear is paired with your phone or else it won't work. So if haven't pair your Android wear with your phone, you can check out this guide to do so. Also make sure you have the Android wear app on your phone. You can get it here in case you don't have it installed.

The first thing to do is to navigate to the screen on your smartwatch that you would like to capture, like workouts result or anything. After that you've done that, launch the Android Wear app on your phone.

Then tap on the option buttons i.e. the three dots at the top-right corner which will open a drop down menu with five options. 
Then tap on 'Take wearable screenshot'. 

By doing this, you'll see a pop up notifying you that a screenshot request has been sent to your smartwatch.

Note that the Android Wear screenshot can not be view immediately on the phone or the watch. So you'll receive a notification in your notification bar, easily swipe down. Then tap on "Wearable screenshot finished. Touch to send." 

From there, you'll see different options you can use to send or share the screenshots bluetooth, WiFi Direct, Gmail, Google Drive and so on. So select the option you would like to use to share your screenshot.

By default, the screenshots taken on Android Wear are named screen.png, with no date and time. 

In case you're taking a screenshot of a round watch, like the Moto 360 (2015), you'll notice that the screenshot has a round face with a black border around it making it to be a square image. So you'll have to crop these screenshots if you want to have just the round features stand out.

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