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Do you have an Apple TV? Subscribed for a service on Apple TV for a month and not using it? Then you should cancel the subscription before the auto-renewal date comes. Probably you  subscribed for a service and you rarely watch TV Shows or stream from that service because most times you are always on a trip or traveling. It's just like a waste of money if you pay for services you don't benefits and use often.

Most of these services has a features that automatically renew your subscription to the service. You can cancel a subscription on any service like Netflix or HBO Now using your iPhone, iPad, or from iTunes. What if you are using an Apple TV and planning to unsubscribe from any service, then how will go about it. Well the process is similar to process used on your iOS device and it's very.

Another thing is if you subscribed for more than one or two services, you can easily cancel the subscription at once instead if going to each services settings to cancel your subscription.

So here's how to do it.

Open the "Settings" app on your Apple TV from the main menu

Then select "Accounts".

Then click on "Manage Subscription".

Then it will prompt you to input your Apple ID or iTunes account password. So input your Apple ID password.

Then a list of all the services you subscribed on will appear.

So select the subscription you would love to cancel from the list of all the subscribed services.

Now select a renewal option and when asked, select "Confirm".

That's it; then the service will not renew its subscription automatically when it ends. So make sure you do this so that you won't end up getting billed for things you don't use.

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