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One of the best feature of the Macintosh OS is the ability to easily back up your Mac to an external drive so that you can restore your files quickly if there's any problem. 

This feature was added to OS X 10.5 Leopard, till the latest version of OS X. So in case you've never used it, Time Machine is one of the best and easiest ways to back up your Mac. It can also be used to recover individual files you've deleted or restore your entire hard drive in case you run into trouble.

How does the Time Machine works?

Time Machine supports any hard disk connected to your computer through USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt; it also works with Apple's Time Capsule and backup disks connected through a network. In the view of the facts that the disks support Apple File Protocol (AFP) file sharing. 

Apple's backup software takes snapshots of all your files periodically and compiles them on an external hard drive you connect it with or a Time Capsule you've linked up to your network. 

So here's how to use the Time Machine to backup your Mac and restore it.

Enabling Time Machine on your Mac

The first thing to do is to navigate to System Preferences. So from the Apple Menu click on System Preferences. Then select Time Machine

So in case you don't want it to backup some files you can continue with this and if you want it to back up everything, you can just click on "Select disk", select the disk you want to backup to and proceed to step 5.

Actually it's a good idea to remove external drives you don't use often and some temporary or useless folders or files that take up a lot of space.

2. So click on “Select Disk...” to select a disk to back up to .

3. Then select the disk you want to back up to and click on “Use Disk.” 

4. Now click on “Options...” and the add any folders you don't want  it to back up. 

5. Then turn the Time Machine slider ON by sliding the button to On. So as to start backing up your disk.

So the Time Machine will format the disk for backups and then start backing up your files on it.

Restoring your Files from a Time Machine Backup

So after you've backed up your Mac files, you should also be able to know how to restore.  So here's how to restore it. There are two ways you can use to restore your backups.

First Method

This method is the easiest and fastest way to restore you files.

Just navigate to “Enter Time Machine” from the menu bar.

Then choose the directory and time you want to restore from and select “Restore”.

Second Method

So head to System Preferences, then click on the Time Machine. Then click on Show Time Machine in menu bar checkbox.

Then from the Time Machine menu, click on Enter Time Machine.
So navigate to the file or folder you'd like to restore. Then click the Restore button.

Restoring your Mac hard drive from a Time Machine

So if you're facing some problems with your current hard drive or having issues with upgrading to a new Mac, Time Machine can also help you get back to where you were.

So boot your Mac and then hold down the Command and R keys to enter into the OS X Recovery Partition. So your Mac OS should boot into a screen that showing OS X Utilities.

Then click on Restore from Time Machine Backup and select Continue.
So click on Continue after reading the info on the Restore Your System page.

Then choose your Time Machine backup disk and click on Continue.

Click on Continue after choosing the most recent backups of your hard disk. So your Mac should restore the Time Machine backup properly; after restoring it successfully, your Mac should restart.

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