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On Monday, at the WWDC, another version of the iOS – the iOS 10 – was unveiled by the prestigious phone maker, Apple. The CEO, Tim Cook, dubbed it “the mother of all release.”

Some new and cool features were added to the new mobile operating system. It now has Photos and Maps, Messages, and a couple of advancement made to Siri. There are a lot of new stuff to be played with by developers, and the Apple Music and Apple news now have a thorough redesign, also.

However, Apple has released a preview version of iOS 10 to developers, but the consumers will have to allow autumn arrive before they can use it. The beta version can be installed by regular users until then, nevertheless. 

The vast visual improvement to the OS has to be appreciated. There is an entirely new feel to the Notifications and there is a new lock screen. This is the first thing you will notice about the iOS 10. The notification now appears larger, and with a swipe to the right, you get access to the camera. Swiping to the left will show the widgets on your Today screen. All these you can access on the lock screen, and they will be of great use whenever you’re in haste.

A new feature called the “Raise to Wake” seems to be the handiest. Apple incorporated something similar to what Motorola did with their Moto X some years ago. By simply lifting your phone up, your lock screen becomes visible. This ensures your phone is locked, and at the same time, making it pretty easy for you to see all that’s happening.

Messages - The main Keynote at the WWDC

There was a handful of changes to Messages. Users now have different options on the types of messages they can send. Like what can be done on the Apple Watch, you can now send heartbeats and drawings. You can now send sticker packs, and messages can now be sent from other applications, music tracks from Apple Music not excluded. There is also a feature to send reaction GIFs from a built-in image search. 

You can now easily insert emojis with their name in a text. The name will swap with the specified emojis. Like the gif below

Emoji now have sizes three times larger than what we saw in previous OS. And upon typing some phrases such as “Congratulations” and “Happy Birthday”, a trigger make an animation appear on the screen.

Apple Music now looks good

There was a heavy redesign to the Apple Music. Apple focused mostly on album art with a lot more simple and clean interface than we had before. 

The app no longer opens on the “For You” section, but rather on your library. This is good news for users who craved for access to their music, but not some Apple’s stuff. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there was no significant overhaul to the core of the service, the advancement only brought about some fresh new look.

Other Features

There is a redesign to the Apple Maps. It now looks new with larger icons down the screen. What’s also looking better is the turn-by-turn navigation user interface.

Editing live photos is now possible in the Photo app, and creating automated albums and slideshows to live through your best memories is now a possibility, too. 

In the new OS, You will see the clock app in black, and when there a time when you need to go to sleep, a brand new Bedtime Mode will help you remember.

A new screen is allocated to the Now Playing widget. With swipe to the right, you will get access to what’s play. 

When you need an app to tell you when you ought to leave a location, and suggest events depending on your Mail and Messages, just give Calendar a call!

In short, this new features already gives the iPhone 7s an edge, even before their birth!

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