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Amazon is on a mission launch a new streaming service – Prime Music. Despite the company’s competition with many e-commerce “big daddies” of the online market world such as like Alibaba, they are now set to diversify into the music streaming niche. With no doubt, they will battle it out with music streaming giants such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and others. At the moment, Amazon now has services similar to that of their rivals. It has been said that the e-commerce giant will include different song catalogs from a lot of artists into its music streaming service.

It was gathered from a source that the monthly subscription charge of the service will be on par with those of Apple Music and Spotify - $9.99. The service is expected to commence in early fall or late summer, however, for now, licenses finalization is already going on with different labels for their songs. Their plan is to include a music catalog that is competitive to the new service.

By a significant contrast, more than 1 million songs are offered by Prime Music against the over 30 million songs in the music catalog of Apple Music and Spotify. Without enough music list, it is glaring the e-commerce company can’t take on the competition. 

However, a significant challenge Amazon may have is gaining subscribers for the new music service due to their late arrival into the market. For now, other competitors commands the market, and the company hopes the incorporation of Amazon Echo into its streaming service will have an impact on its user base. 

Amazon home speaker – the Amazon Echo – was an instant hit which caused Google make an announcement of its own speaker. Currently, the speaker offers supports to other streaming services such as TuneIn, Pandora, and Spotify. With the voice-activated Echo, users can order different products and make searches on the internet. 

Amazon will be looking to emulate the success of Apple Music, which was launch last year. How Prime Music will change the preference of consumers like Apple Music did is what the world is waiting to see. The manner in which Echo, combined with their new streaming service, helps them achieve a commanding market share of the music streaming industry can only be foretold by the future. 

How many users can Amazon’s Prime Music steal from the likes of Pandora, Google Play Music, Apple Music or Spotify? Will they move to bring new users on board? Let’s us hear your opinion in the comment box.

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