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The number of work from home entrepreneurs is on the increase. This has been made possible by ease of internet connectivity as well as smartphones. Personally, I work from home and Android has made my life very easy. Here are 12 ways it can do the same for you

1.  You need to use it as your personal assistant 

You will definitely run into high cost if you decide to hire an assistant. An Android device can help save you the cost of this. There are lots of personal assistant apps out there but my favorite is Google’s Personal Assistant.

2. Scanning your documents

Printers aren’t the only tool with which you can use in scanning your documents. Even though your android device may not be able to print, it can scan your document thus saving you the cost of buying a scanner. 

3. Dictation of note

Every Android device comes with a microphone. Making a call won’t be possible if there is no in-built microphone. The same microphone you use in making calls can used as a recorder which can be used in recording your spoken words.

4. Multi-tasking and Managing of emails

Managing emails is one thing that smartphones are really good at. They will help unclutter your mail box thus making life easy for you. You can conveniently retrieve your mail since the device is portable.

5. Helps organize your contact 

Even though every phone comes with a contact list, a good number of them are dumb. This is where Android stands out. Android contact app not only helps you keep track of the phone numbers of your contacts, it also keeps track of their social media account. 

6. Write and edit your content

Using a tiny screen to prepare your document isn’t really a cool thing. But there are people who really enjoy it and you too can if you put in some interest. There are lots of Android office packages you can select from. 

7. Manage your projects

A lot of effort goes into starting and completing a project. Lots of planning will need to be done. Most Project management programs out there run on Android.

8. Keep track of your events and calendar

Both paper calendar and digital calendar have their own advantages. However, you will discover that the calendar on your phone has more to offer. Since your phone will always be by your side, managing your events will be an easy task. You can easily plan your schedule when you are in an elevator. 

Though there are lots of calendar apps out there, the inbuilt one on your phone is a good option

9. Plan your trips

There are lots of Android apps that allows you manage activities like planning of trips, scheduling appointments with clients and book tours

10. Connect to VPN

If you are lucky and the company you work for allow you work right from home, then an Android device will be handy as it will help you connect to your companies VPN

11. Keep track of time

Time is priceless and so should be used wisely. If you are having a difficult time managing your time, an Android device can help you with that.

12. Create invoices

You might have to create invoices for your clients even if you work from home. You don’t need be an accountant to do this. Android devices and help you efficiently with this task.

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