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The Mac OS X El Capitan has a lot of features you can use to make things easier for you. Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11 was released on September 30, 2015, for end users as a free upgrade through the Mac App Store. So you should try to upgrade your Mac to OS X El Capitan.

With the release of this version, a lot of new features have been added to Mac which you are probably not using now. And some hidden features have been added also to it which you might surely want to explore and use.

So we’ve outlined 10 new features you would love to use.

1. The Spotlight Search is now Smarter

El Capitan now helps to find files and documents more rapidly with improvement in the spotlight search. For example, you want to search for information about sports information, video search and stock quotes, all the results will appear with more or less details in the Spotlight box. Also, the search box size is not fixed anymore; so you can drag it to any size you wish.

You can just bring up the Spotlight search by clicking the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the menu bar. And you can now move the box of search results to anywhere you like. So input in the search string you want to search for and in case the result set does not suit the box, so you can drag it down by placing the cursor on the bottom edge.

2. Searching in common language

Obviously, you might have worked on a document last week but unfortunately you forgot the name you used to save it. Don’t worry about thinking and looking for the documents; just open the Documents and search document. Let’s assume we’ve ordered the documents by date. Now type a search string into the Spotlight search something like “Documents that I have worked on last week”, then results of documents you’ve work on last week will appear in box. You can also automate this by using command, so press the Function button twice and then say your command.

3. You can display of windows on the screen simultaneously

With OS X El Capitan, you can open two programs simultaneously in parallel on the full-screen view. So each program is given half of the display, you can also adjust the relative portion of the windows and set it to your desire size.

You can also minimize the running program window by holding down the green full-screen button, one of the three buttons (i.e. red, amber and green) at the top-left corner of each window. Once you hold it down, then its shape will change notifying that it’s ready to be snapped. You can drag it to top of the screen, click on the other program and it will automatically suit into the other half of the screen. And both of the running programs are accessible at once.

4. You can wiggle to enlarge the cursor

At times, we won’t be able to find the cursor, probably the cursor is very small in size or on a window that has similar color with the cursor. However, El Capitan has solve this issue and given us a way to quickly enlarge your mouse. Wiggle the mouse to find the cursor. Once you wiggled the mouse, it enlarges the cursor so you can see it clearly. It returns to normal size after wiggling it, but will remain large as long as you wiggle it.

5. Mail Improvement

The Mail app has a number of improvements while using it in full-screen mode. So when composing a message in full screen, you can swap over to another conversation or click on their inbox which also makes it possible to copy a text from another email or add attachments from one message to another message by dragging them.

Assuming a mail contains a phone number or an invitation to an event, there will be a toolbar at the top of each message which you can used to add content to apps like Calendar and Contacts. So you mark mails as read or unread by swiping to the right, and delete messages by swiping to the left.

6. Photos Improvement

El Capitan now comes with the integration of a third-party editing tools within the Photos app. So all Photo editing apps in the Mac App Store, will share their tools with Photos, and it’s possible to edit images with these apps without actually leaving the Photos app. Therefore, in the Photos app if you click on the “More” button, it will display all third-party apps it’s supporting.

7. Safari updating pinned sites

Safari’s also has some outstanding improvement, a Pinned Sites feature that shows frequently visited websites on the left side of the tab bar has been added to Safari. So if you pin a website, it will keep on updating in the background. Therefore if you view it again it will always have recent updates or info. This type of feature is often useful for social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

8. Maps Improvements

The Map app now has new improvements on the Transit view feature, that shows subway, walking, bus, train, and ferry routes, which you can use to plan a trip that involves mass transit routing in advance.

9. Disk Utility Improvements

The EI Capitan widely used disk utility has been improved and now looks good than ever. There are lots of options and new additions in the disk utility for example a repair permission feature. But, you’ll have to use terminal commands which can be found in the utilities folder to access the repair permission.

You can use the below terminal command line to repair a disk easily.

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages –repair –standard-pkgs –volume /

Input your password when prompted. Then the disk will be scanned for errors and any error found or persists will be reported and fixed.

10. Hiding your Menu Bar

With the OS X El Capitan, you can easily hide the menu bar at the bottom side of your screen. This makes your screen clean and neat. You can do this by heading to System Preferences, select General in the options, and then select the box marked automatically hide.

Definitely, these features we’ve listed make the latest El Capitan more powerful and obviously an eye-catching and a must try version of the OS X. So you comment new features you’ve uncovered in the comment box.

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