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There are so many important benefit of Genetics to learn.

Genetics is responsible for differences shown by individual within the same species and offspring which is known as Variation, also enlighten us to know the transmission of characters resemblance as well as differences from the both parents which is known as Heredity.

Genetics also help us to know how Gene functions and behaves in our body system..

Genes are bits biochemical instructions found inside the cells of every organism (gene are located in the chromosome). Also offspring receive a mixture of genetic information from both parents.

Genetics is the central of life of every individual ,it influences our physical features.

Genetics play important roles in Agriculture, Pharmaceutical industry and medicine

Genetics plays important role in agriculture aspect like in selective breeding of plants which is usually for the increase of food production. Plants with desirable characteristics are chosen for breeding. Example, corn has been selectively bred for increased in kernel size and number for nutritional content, likewise wheat and rice have been selectively bred, which help in the supply of world ever increasing need for food.

The selectively breeding of animals that is, cattle and pigs have become main sources of animal food for humans. Dogs and horses have been selectively bred for thousands of years for work and recreational purposes.

Female horses have been breed with male donkeys to produce mules and male horses have been breed with female donkeys to produce hinnes for use as work animals.

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