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Windows 10 adds the ability to stream your Xbox One games to the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC. It’s a cool feature you should try out. If you have an Xbox One, you may not have realized yet that you can stream your games directly to your Windows 10 PC without any additional software or hardware. All you need to have is your gaming console and your desktop or laptop. 

The Xbox app should already be installed automatically, once you upgrade your Windows version to Windows 10. So the streaming process should not take more a minute to get it working. We have explained how you can you can do that easily.

Open the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC. Now along the left-hand edge, near the bottom, there’s a “Connect” button. Click on it so that you will be able to connect your Xbox One.

Then choose your Xbox One console you want to stream.

Now you need to sign in your account on the Xbox One console before you can actually use it on your Windows 10 PC. And if your account has security implemented into it, you will need to sign in before you can use it remotely.

So sign in on your Xbox One console with the same account you used to sign in your Xbox app. Then after connected, you can now access a variety of options.

After you’ve connected your TV to your Xbox One, you can use your PC as a remote control.

There is also an option that is included through which you can use an on-screen controller to navigate. Apparently this won’t be that useful for games, but you can at least use it to navigate through menus.

Now, under the “More” menu, you’ll find options to disconnect, turn the console off, connect automatically and as well as forget it.

We suggest you test the streaming capacity first. The system will determine the best qualities for your system and network. It will be better if you can connect both your PC and Xbox One to your router through an Ethernet cable.

Furthermore, after you’ve connected your Xbox One through the Xbox app using the streaming feature, then you’ll be able to see everything on your PC. 

Once you’re streaming, you can now play games and use your Xbox One on your computer, even in windowed mode.

Now on the streaming window screen, there are some controls you should have a look at and try out. You can return to the home screen by clicking on the Xbox symbol at the left corner of the screen. You can mute/unmute chat by clicking the microphone icon.

The quality button situated at the right corner is used to determine how good your Xbox streaming looks on your Windows 10 PC. Like the below screenshots, the quality has been set to medium by default, but it can be set to higher. And as we have stated earlier, we assure you better results if you plug both your Xbox One and PC into your router with an Ethernet cable.

Another useful feature to talk about is the bandwidth meter, which can be used by clicking the lined icon close to the “stop streaming” button. This meter will let you know what your total bandwidth consumption is, which is useful for finding where there might be a problem on your network and if you have enough bandwidth available to stream from you Xbox One to you PC.

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