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Do you have an Xbox One game console? If you probably have friends or kids in the house and want to keep them off some certain streaming programs on your Xbox one or your roommates who is always overwriting your game progress in some certain games such as Fallout or you don’t anyone except you to have access to your Xbox One, creating a passkey for your Xbox One profile is the best solution for protecting your downloaded games, video app profiles, game saves and so many more.

Fortunately, Xbox One lets you use a passkey to restrict access to your Xbox One with a passkey. The great news here is that it is very easy to create.

However, in this we have explained how you can restrict access to you Xbox One console.

How to Create Your Xbox One Passkey

The first thing to do now is to open your “Sign in, Security & Passkey” settings which can be open by double-tapping the Xbox xbox button, then pressing Y.

Look for the gear or Settings icon at the bottom of the menu, and then press A to continue.

Immediately you are in Settings menu, you’ll be taken to the Account tab. In this menu, press the button for “Sign-in, Security & Passkey”, and then you’ll be taken to your account security management tools.

In this menu, you’ll see numerous options, that includes removing your email that’s connected with that Xbox, turning Instant sign-in on (or off), and the option to create a new passkey.

Now head to the box tagged “Create my Passkey”, and then press A to continue.

This menu is where you’ll set your six-digit code to lock down your Xbox One account. Each number corresponds to a different button on your controller i.e. up on the D-pad for “1”, pull down the right trigger for “6”, etc. So this is how you’ll create your passkey, and you are going to use the same method to log in the next time your Xbox One reboots.

Then you’ll be prompted to re-enter the passkey once more for confirmation.

Then you are through with setting up your passkey

Changing Your Xbox One Sign-In Settings

The second step here is to set the login options to protect your Xbox One account  from unauthorized users to have access to it. 

After the passkey has been confirmed, you’ll be taken back to the Security settings menu.

Now to set the login options that protect your account from unauthorized users, click on the “Change my sign-in & security preferences” button.

In this menu, different choices will be displayed, together with the option to have no barriers to entry, asking for a passkey, or locking the entire Xbox down to your Microsoft Live account details as an alternative.

Now select the “Ask for my passkey” option.

Note: Choose only the “Ask for my passkey” option because that is what we are dealing with in this guide.

After selecting the “Ask for my passkey” option, then you will notice that your Xbox is being protected from the main Security window. And also, if your tab has the “Ask for my passkey” box in the top-left corner, then the passkey has been set up.

So from now on, the passkey will lock your account both when you sign-in, plus anytime you try to access crucial system settings.

So you will be prompted to Sign-in again with the passkey.

Deleting Your Xbox One Passkey

Luckily, the process to take to delete your passkey is very easier than getting it set up. Just head to the Security tab and then click on the button that is labeled “Delete My Passkey”, the passkey will be deleted and your Xbox One will be reset back to normal settings.

Process to take when You Forget Your Passkey

One of the disadvantages of using passkey is that you can forget your passkey. And of course without the passkey you won’t have access to your Xbox One. 

The only way to solve this is to reset your Xbox One passkey but while doing this, you must know the Microsoft account password that is associated with your Xbox One i.e. the one used to register your Xbox One console when it was first set up.  

So to reset the passkey, navigate to where you will be prompt to enter your passkey, and then enter the wrong passkey three times. 

By doing this, the Xbox will take you to a screen with a keyboard, where you can easily enter your Microsoft account’s password.

After you must have successfully entered your Microsoft account password, then you will be taken to another screen.

In this screen, you will be prompt either to "Make a new passkey" or "Not right now" options.

You can choose the “Make a new passkey” option if you still wish to use a passkey to lock your Xbox One. If you chose this option, you will be taken to the same screen where you’ve entered your passkey when setting it up. 

And also you can choose the “Not right now” option if you don’t wish to use passkey for locking your Xbox. And if this option is chosen, the passkey will be removed and then you can now have access to your Xbox One without using passkey.

Nevertheless, the Xbox One passkey feature makes it very easy to protect your own profile; games save, and at the same time as switching between others by pressing few buttons on your controller.

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