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Have you ever accidentally or mistakenly delete your important photos or images, formatted your memory card or restore your phone to factory settings? There is always that feeling you get when you mistakenly do those things mentioned and generally it is always painful when we lost our important files. But don’t worry there is always a way to recover those images or photos back. 

This feature is not added in Android smart phones but we’ve seen many methods we can use to recover your photos. We can recover photos with use of computer software and android apps. In one of our old articles, we explain how you can recover deleted files including photos using Fonepaw which will be carried out on computer. Most of these photo recovery apps work only on rooted android device which is annoying. Because before you can use these apps you must root your android device.

However, we’ve found great this app on Google Play that works on both rooted and unrooted android device. Restore Image & Photo Recovery is a nice app that helps you to recover your deleted photos and images easily. It has nice User Interface which makes it very easy to use. It works on both rooted and unrooted android device. Click on the below button to get it on Google Play.

Steps to recover your deleted photo

After you must have download and install Restore Image & Photo Recovery app then you can proceed.

Now launch the Restore Image & Photo Recovery app. Then tap on the “Scan” button to start scanning for deleted photos.

   Restore Image & Photo Recovery- screenshot

Then tap on “Show” button. 

   Restore Image & Photo Recovery- screenshot

Then your deleted photos or images, image folders will appear. 
Then select the images or photos you want to restore. You can easily tap the “Select” checkbox to quickly select all the photos or images.

Then tap on “Restore” buttons.

   Restore Image & Photo Recovery- screenshot

That’s all very easy. I hope this article helps you to recover your lost photos.
Happy Recovering!

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