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Do you have an Apple TV? Do you always misplace your Apple TV remote control? Why always digging around for your remote control when you could just control your TV from your wrist? 

It’s very cool and useful to easily and quickly control your Apple TV you’re your Apple Watch. The great news here is that it’s very easy to set it up. 

The first step to take here is to set up and pair your Apple watch with your Apple TV.

The second step is to know how to use the remote app on Apple watch.

So, here’s how to set up your Apple Watch as a remote for your Apple TV.

Step 1: How to Pair your Apple watch and Apple TV

The first thing to do is to open the built-in Remote app on your Watch and then note down the code that it gives you because we are gonna make use of it.

So after noting down the given code, go over to your Apple TV to pair your Watch with it.

Now open the Settings on your Apple TV.

From the settings menu, select the “Remotes and Devices”.

From the “Remotes and Devices” menu, you will have the option to add a “Remote App” under the “Other Devices” category.

Now select “Remote App”, then your Apple Watch will appear. Then go ahead and select it.

Now, enter the code given by the Apple Watch’s Remote app into the following screen.

Entering the code is very annoying with the Siri remote. If you make any mistake, you will have to go back to the end of the row of numbers to delete it one at a time.

After entering the given code, then your Apple Watch will be paired with your Apple TV. Your Apple watch will appear on the Remote main menu. 

Now select your Apple TV on the Remote main menu, and then you’ll now be able to control your Apple TV with your Watch.

The Remote control features available on the Watch are very simple. You should have no difficulties getting how to use it.

Step 2: How to control your Apple TV with the Remote app on Apple Watch

Let’s quickly explain what you will find on the Remote app and how to use them control the Apple TV. 

You can easily swipe the Watch’s screen just the normal way you always do with the Siri Remote’s touchpad. And this will let you to navigate the Apple TV’s interface, or any Apple TV app you are using. The tap to select options.

The Play/Pause item should be quite easy to understand, and the “Menu” button will take you back to the Apple TV’s or current app’s menu. For instance, if you are in the Settings menu as illustrated above, now tapping the “Menu” button will take you one screen back to where you were before going to the current screen.

Then tapping and holding down the "Menu" button will take back to the main menu.

At the upper left-hand corner of the Remote app screen, there are three blue lines, which you can tap to if you want to control another device.

Look at the below screenshots for more feature

Unluckily, the Apple Watch is still not that convenient as handy as using your iPhone or iPad as Apple TV remote. 

Fortunately, you can make use of the Apple Remote iOS app to control the 4th generation Apple TVs now; just with the same manner you can use it with the previous generation.

On the other hand, using your Apple Watch as a remote is still fun and nice if you can’t find your main Apple TV remote. In addition, it’s a very neat trick you can use to impress your friends.

(image credit to: Howtogeek.com)

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