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Do you have an Apple TV? Have you ever thought of casting your iPhone or iPad screen to your Apple TV? Mirroring your iPhone or iPad screen is very easier than Mac’s method. We’ve explained how you can mirror your Mac’s screen to your Apple TV. So before you can be able to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Apple TV, you have to make sure:

* AirPlay is enabled on the Apple TV.

* Your iOS device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV.

Alternately, you can connect to Apple TV via BlueTooth if there’s not WiFi. This is useful if WiFi isn’t available or unreliable, such as in a hotel room if you need a WiFi connection to stream content from iTunes.

Then your Apple TV should appear as an option in the Control Center. You may have to scroll through the AirPlay menu shown here to see the “Mirroring” option.

Immediately you turn on mirroring, your entire iPhone or iPad’s home screen will appear on your HDTV. Your TV will automatically adjust the image to fit on the screen, and the orientation and content will change to replicate what is on your iOS device as you use it.

You can know you’re mirroring because the top bar is blue. In addition, each time you’re using AirPlay, the icon will appear in the upper-right corner.

If you come across any problem, it could be as a result of weak WiFi signal or interference from another electronic device. Be sure to check Apple’s support document for other troubleshooting tips.

How to Stream Content from Your iPhone or iPad

You don’t have to always mirror your whole screen to stream content to your Apple TV. Countless apps support AirPlay so you can stream content easily from Netflix, Pandora, and so many more.

For instance, you will notice that the Netflix app has the AirPlay icon next to the playback controls in the lower-right corner.

Pandora sports also have it in the upper-right side which is right next to the Chromecast icon in this case.

If you didn’t see the AirPlay symbol in any app, then you can easily use this alternative method by using the Control center to stream content in that manner. Some app like YouTube doesn’t have it.  Just ensure that the “Mirroring” is turned off.

Generally, this is almost similar to casting from Android devices to a Chromecast and the results are largely the same. The largest difference is that Chromecast works on only iOS devices with the Chromecast app installed, while AirPlay is an Apple-only technology and you can’t use your Android device with your Apple TV.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. 

Happy Mirror From Your iPhone!

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