How to Mirror Your Android Screen With Roku to a TV


Mirroring your Android screen to a big screen is one of the best things you ever want to try out. You may want to watch a specific video on your Android phone, but you guys are too many to watch the video on your small Android screen or you just want to try out the video on a big screen. The best option is stream your Android screen to your TV. 

There are many methods, ways and apps that you can use to stream your Android screen to your TV. You can mirror your Android screen to a TV with Chromecast. You can also mirror your Android screen to a TV wirelessly to Roku and Miracast. 

And in case you have your own Roku TV box, then you use this guide on how to mirror your Android screen with Roku to a TV. Roku has a screen-mirroring feature which now makes it one the best service to mirror either your Android or Pc screen mirroring. It works similar to the Miracast. With miracast you can also do anything you can do with the Roku.

Fortunately, the process in order to mirror your Android screen to a TV with Roku is extremely easy to carry out. So here’s how to set it up.

Note: This feature is in beta and only available Roku 3 Model 4200 and Roku Streaming Stick HDMI Version Model 3500. And also, your Android must be running on Android 4.4.2 or higher to make it work. Lastly, make sure you are running on the latest firmware of Roku. To make sure you are running on the latest firmware head to Settings > System Update > Check Now.

Step 1: Enabling Mirroring on Roku

The first step when mirroring anything to Roku is to enable mirroring. So we are going to explain how enable mirroring.

Now navigate to the Settings menu. Then select System. Now click on Screen Mirroring. Then select “Enable screen mirroring” to enable it.

Step 2: How to Cast your Android screen with Roku

Now on your Android device, go to Settings. Then click on “Display”. Then tap “Cast screen”.

Then a screen will appear showing the list of available devices with wireless displays. Your Roku should be there, tap on it. 

If the screen says “no nearby device were found”. To fix it, tap on the menu button at the top-right corner of the screen and select the “Enable wireless display”. Make sure it is checked.

Then a notification will appear, giving a visible indication that you’re casting your Android screen currently. Now swipe down the notification at the top of your screen and the tap the Disconnect button anytime you want to stop casting your screen.

Then your Android screen should show up on your TV. That’s all.

How to mirror some apps screen directly to your TV with Roku

Android apps like YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go can be casted to your TV screen with Roku easily. This is similar to how the Chromecast works. 

Just tap the cast icon in the top right corner of any compatible apps like the ones mentioned and then select your Roku box or stick. You can click here for more information.

So with all this guide provided in this guide, you can easily project your Android screen to a big screen for better visibility.