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Notes app on iPad, iPhone and Mac are usually used to jot essential notes or things down for future reference. Some of these notes we jot down are crucial and we may want to lock them with password. In one of our old article, we have explained how to lock notes on iPhone or iPad with password. So also we can lock notes on Mac with password. 

There are many reasons you may want to lock some notes and its a good thing to know all this little things so that you can easily lock notes when you need it.  

This just a simple guide on how to lock notes on Mac OS X with password. Follow the below steps

Note: This feature is only available on MacOS 10.11.4 and later. So make sure you are using the one mentioned or higher.

Open the Notes app on Mac OS.

Then open an existing note you want to lock or create a new note you want to lock and jot anything you want to note down. 

Now click on the "Lock" icon at the top.

Then a drop-down menu will appear. Now click on "Lock This Note".

Then a pop up will appear asking for password you to use to lock it. Now enter your password and hints, then click on "Set password" button.

After that, click on the "Lock" icon and select "Closed All Locked  Notes".

Now whenever you open a locked note, it ask for a password before you can have access to it. That's all

Then if you ever want to remove the password lock on a particular notes, open the locked note. Now click on the same "Lock" icon and select "Remove Lock"

Happy Locking!

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