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If you have notifications enabled on your iPhone, some apps usually display your messages directly on your lock screen. But the content of those messages can be hidden without disabling the lock screen notifications totally, allowing you to know that you have a message while preventing other people around you from reading those messages. 

Android lets you indicate some app notifications as “sensitive” so they won’t appear on your lock screen, and this iOS feature works similarly with that of Android. It’s very useful for both security and privacy. For instance, this will prevent Messages from displaying crucial messages or account access codes sent via SMS on your lock screen, so an invader or a thief who stole your iPhone wouldn’t be able to see those SMS notifications without unlocking your iPhobe.

Hide Notification Previews for Messages and Mail

The messages that appear in notification’s bar are regarded as “previews” or “message previews.” Apple included a setting that allows you to disable these previews for Messages or Mail directly from the Notifications settings screen. Note: This only works for apps that are included in iOS device like Mail or Message. This method does not work for other third party apps.

Now launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Then tap on “Notifications,” and then tap on the “Messages” or “Mail” apps in the list. Now scroll down and deactivate the “Show Previews” slider. 

Then after doing this, Messages or Mail won’t display previews of incoming SMS messages or emails on your lock screen.

Hide Notification Previews for Other Apps

Unluckily, it isn’t to a certain extent as simple as when it comes to other apps. The above method or option is only applicable to apps included with iOS like Mail or Message. Third-party applications can’t access or use this setting or option.

Some third-party applications came with a “Show Previews” style option in their own settings. Let’s take for instance a chat application like Telegram, whereby you can tap the “Settings” icon, tap “Notifications and Sounds,” and then disable the “Message Preview” options easily.

Other applications might or might not have this setting, even though it’s very common in chat apps. Whether the setting option is available is up to every individual app’s developer. For instance, Microsoft hasn’t added this option to Skype chat app, so you can’t disable notification previews for incoming Skype messages. 

Hide Notifications from the Lock Screen Entirely

Not all application have the setting to disable notification previews and If an application doesn’t allow you to disable notification previews or if you would rather like to hide the entire application notifications preview from your lock screen so no one even knows you’re receiving notifications from a specific app, you can disable the lock screen notifications totally. Note that you will still be able to see the app’s notifications elsewhere on your iPhone or iPad but not on the lock screen.

Now head to the Settings app. Tap on “Notifications,” and then tap on the app you want to hide from your lock screen. Then disable the “Show on Lock Screen” slider by toggle-of the green button. After doing this, the app’s notifications won’t appear on your lock screen anymore.

You can also use the other options here to configure exactly where an app’s notifications appear whether in the notification center, in pop-up banners, or as a badge on the app’s icon. And you can also disable the app notifications entirely on this screen and you will never receive any notifications from the app. 

This iOS feature isn’t as useful and complete as that of Android’s version. It’s applied in a disorganized manner, per-application method with the settings scattered throughout the operating system, and some apps haven’t even integrated the option.

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