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Generally, iOS and other devices remember the Wi-Fi networks that you’ve joined in the past, and will always attempt to automatically reconnect in the future when it is available. This feature is very good and useful most of the time, but on some circumstances can be a problem. Luckily, it’s very easy to make your iPhone or iPad forget specific Wi-Fi networks.

A lot of us live and work in places where there’s only one Wi-Fi network available which you usually use. And if you have never join any other network available in that location, making your iPhone or iPad forget networks won’t be necessary.

On the other hand, if you have connected to a neighbor’s Wi-Fi before and you have multiple networks in a large home; it might be confusing to know which one you are connected to. Then you can be connected to the wrong network automatically with fact that you don’t know the one you are connected to.

When multiple Wi-Fi networks are available in a single location, your iPhone or iPad device has a tendency to connect with any network’s SSID name that comes first alphabetically and even if that network signal is weaker.

So a useful tip to that is to rename that network so it comes first alphabetically and this can only be carried out when if you have admin access to that network. Alternatively, you can make your iPhone or iPad device to forget those other networks and we've outlined a guide on how to do it.

Now navigate to your Settings, and then tap on Wi-Fi to view available networks.

Then a list of available networks will appear, now choose the Wi-Fi network you want to forget and then tap on the Info button to its right.

Then tap on “Forget This Network.”

In the confirmation box, tap “Forget” button.

Now that you’ve make your iPhone or iPad forget a Wi-Fi network, they will no longer join that network automatically again. The network will still show up in your list as usual. 

You can tap on it if you wish to rejoin the network, but you must enter a password again if it is a secured network. 

Once you’ve rejoin the network, then it will start connecting to the network automatically again and you can also use the guide provided in this article to resolve it.

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