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Are you using Windows 10 on your PC? One of the most annoying things you sometimes or often experience while using Windows 10 is right-clicking on your desktop to open the context menu and having to wait for some seconds for it to show up. It’s very frustrating for some Windows 10 users. And waiting for a few seconds is not going to dull or break your day. But that’s not the way Windows 10 supposed to work!

This usually happen sometimes because the context menu is trying to load some third-party graphics options or some software that usually inserts shortcut options to carry out some things whenever you right-click on desktop or any file, which will appear in the context-menu. Some apps like WinRar, Notepad++ and so many more tend to slow down loading time of the context-menu.

Fortunately, you can easily get remove them using the Regedit. And it is very easy to carry out. So here’s how to get rid of them.

Note: There are lots of different options that appears on the context-menu whenever you right-click, depending on what you right-clicked. However in this article, we are only going to edit the context-menu of when you right-click on desktop and when you right-click on a folder. And make sure to backup those registry key data and values in a notepad, in case you might need them in future.

So make sure you follow the below steps carefully

Whenever you Right-click on desktop

Now we need to open the Regedit on Windows 10 in order to edit some registry file. So type “regedit” into your search box on windows 10 and then click on it.

So if you’re already in the Regedit, you will need to navigate to the following registry key.


Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+F and then search for “ContextMenuHandlers” for faster and easier navigation and then click on it. Note that there are many “ContextMenuHandlers” in the registry. So make sure the it queried out falls under the given registry file key accordingly.

So below the “ContextMenuHandlers” key, you’ll see some folders. The major one giving you problems are igfxcui and igfxDTCM, which are Intel Graphics Options and Intel Graphics Properties. If you also have NVIDIA graphics, you’ll also need to delete that NvCplDesktopContext too. You can do this by right-clicking them and selecting Delete.

The above method only applies to whenever you right-click on the desktop.

Whenever you Right-click on folder

Now to edit options that appears on the context-menu whenever you right-click, navigate to the below registry key.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\ ContextMenuHandlers

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+F and then search for “ContextMenuHandlers” for faster and easier navigation and then click on it. 

Note that there are many “ContextMenuHandlers” in the registry. So make sure it queried out falls under the given registry file key accordingly. You can use the “F3” button to find the next “ContextMenuHandlers” available which falls under the given registry key.

So you can delete context-menu options like the WinRAR if you have it installed. Just right-click on it and select "Delete".

That’s all. So from there you can also edit some context-menu options whenever they click on files like videos, audio, .exe, icon, image and so on. But make sure you know about what you want to edit, because it might cause system error, if you delete the wrong registry key. 

So close the Regedit window then right-click on your desktop or any file to the changes you’ve made. The context-menu should show up immediately, and if it doesn’t show up, you can restart your PC and it will definitely appear.

Using a third-party app called ShellExView

If the above method is to stressful and kind of difficult for you, you can alternatively use this free app. 

ShellExView is a free app that shows all context-menu options and depending on what you right-click. It enables you to disable and disable those context-menu options easily.  

Download it from the .rar file from here. So extract it with any rar or zip extracter like WinRar, 7Zip, WinZip and so on

It doesn't need installation, just double-click on the shexview.exe icon to open it.

Then it will scan your system in order to get all context-menu options and some other options too under the ShellEx registry key. 

After it has finished loading, then you can look for those file that has the "Context-Menu" as the Type of options menu it is assigned to. 

So right-click on those particular files and then select "Disable selected items" or select "Enable selected items" to enable them back. 

Alternatively you can select the file and click on the round red button at the top-left corner or the green button to enable it back.

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