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Are you having problems with your PlayStation 4 not connecting and streaming to your PC or Mac? If yes, then you are in the right place to fix it.

After you must have set up the Remote Play the way it should be and doesn’t find your PS4 automatically, you can manually pair the Remote Play application with a PS4. Just click on the “Register Manually” button on the screen that appears while the app is trying to connect to your PlayStation.

For Windows

For Mac

Now on your PS4, navigate to Settings. Click on Remote Play Connection Settings and select “Add Device”. Then a code will be generated which you will enter in the Remote Play app in order to connect.

If the connection is not that strong or stable, you can navigate to Settings screen and select a lower resolution or frame rate. The lower the resolution and frame rate, the less bandwidth you need and the better it will perform on slower Internet connections.

Having trouble streaming within your home? You may have an older wireless router that doesn’t provide fast enough Wi-Fi to stream your PS4 to computer. That’s call for an upgrade to a more modern router. You can also connect your PS4 and PC to the router with a wired Ethernet cable. This method will provide faster connection speeds and you won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi reception.

Sony’s Remote Play app already works fairly well on most PC and Mac, and will confidently continue to get better in the future. Not having support for Windows 7 is a sadly exception, taking into account of how popular the operating system still is.

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