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Android TV is now one the most used and best Smart TV in everywhere. There always comes a time in every smart device OS when they have to be reset back to their factory default settings. Maybe the device must have been acting  sluggish, wobbly and needs a new start or you want a new clean start of your device for some reasons known to you. 

Well the great news here is that it is very easy to reset your Android TV irrespective of manufacturer. However, this is just an article on how to factory reset your Android TV. Follow the below steps


The first to do is to navigate to Settings menu by clicking on the cog icon located at the bottom of the home screen.

Then from there click on the "Storage & reset" option.

Then you can see two choices displayed: Internal Storage and Factory Data Reset 

Then click on Factory Data Reset

Depending on the manufacturer of the Android TV box, there could be different options displayed. Lets take Nexus Player for instance, it displays "Full reset" and "Cancel", whereby NVIDIA'S Shield also display "Full reset" and "Fast reset" option. 

Now you most choose the one that makes sense most to what you want to do which is the one that is similar to any thing "Reset" like "Full reset", "Fast reset" and so on. Make sure you always choose the "Full reset" if available in order to reset your Android TV fully.

After you must have chosen the preferred option, then a screen will appear confirming that you are about you want to do. Then click on "OK" to get started. 

Then the factory reset will start. Now depending on the amount of the storage of your device, this could take long time before it finished. The 500GB Shield states that a factory reset could take up to one or two hours. So you have to be patience about this.

Then you can do other things while the Android TV  is being reset.

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