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A lot of iOS users don’t often use the Safari Reader Mode feature because most of them are usually busy using other features on iPhone, iPad or Safari. Or maybe some doesn’t know how to use it or doesn’t even know whether it exists. 

Another reason that makes iOS users not to use this features, is because most blog sites, news sites or content sites has created their own iOS app for easy navigation to their site. And normally, users usually go to the browser to search for content, and then they can use the Safari Reader Mode whenever reading an article. 

So most iOS users don’t normally use the Safari browser to search for news or article, instead, they preferred going to the app and then search what they want to search for.

And also, most people has lost interest in reading from online sources, because many of them are always occupied with Social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and so on, and games. The above mentioned apps and related ones generally makes phone users loses interest to reading.

However, thanks to the new ideas and thoughts which makes users to keep their interest in reading. iOS users who are still interest in or likes reading like often uses the Safari Reader mode. 

You would love to customize your Safari Reader Mode in order to fits your need. For example, you can change the font size and background color of Safari Reader Mode. 

So here’s how to customize the reader mode on iPhone iPad.

Note: This Reader mode can only be customized in Safari on iOS device running on iOS 9 and later.

Now open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Now go to your preferred website; for example, www.scholarsgobe.com and then open any article or post.

So, tap on the four horizontal lines icon at the left-corner side of the search bar. 

Then immediately, the screen will turn black or white, and then you will notice two capital letters “AA”. Tap on them.

So a drop down menu will open displaying the text and background color options. There are many options available which you can use to customize the font on Safari Reader, customize the size of fonts. You can also change the background to white or faded peach or dark gray and so on colors. 

The background color change is essential when users read articles in the late evening and late night. So select your preferred fonts and background colors. 

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